New Activities Coming to Butterfly Wonderland in 2017!

The holidays are here and before we know it, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2016 and ringing in a bright New Year! For 2017, Butterfly Wonderland is bringing even more interactive fun to your experience in the Conservatory and throughout all of our exhibit areas. Daily, in the Tropical Waters of the World area, you can watch our aquatic experts feed the sharks and stingrays up close and personal in the observation pool, and in the Conservatory docents will hand out fish food and allow little guests to help feed the koi in the pond. Beyond that, we have introduced informational walks and talks in different areas of Butterfly Wonderland, such as the Honey Bee Extravaganza, the Conservatory, and the Spineless Giants room, where you can often find Adriane Grimaldi, our Director of Education, behind the Education Cart with fun and educational activities – such as the Insect Taste Test Challenge! (You’d be surprised how good mealworms taste when they are cheddar cheese flavored!) All these activities are designed to help make your experience at Butterfly Wonderland even more educational, interactive and mostly importantly — fun and memorable! Come and see all we have to offer today and into the New Year!