Butterfly Wonderland introduces Rainforest Reptiles. Exhibits feature reptiles and amphibians that hail from exotic locales all around the world!

Come and sssslither on in.

Take a glimpse into tropical wetlands, woodlands, and tree canopy habitats of Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Australia. Can you spot camouflage experts like the Asian Water Dragon or Green Tree Python?

Explore the Amazon, the most biologically diverse ecosystem on our planet. View Dart Frogs of many colors, Dwarf Caiman Crocodiles who are always smiling, and a Mata-Mata turtle named Groot.

The next stop is the tropical island of Madagascar – filled with incredible animals including the panther chameleon, tomato frog and giant leaf-tailed geckos (notice their wild eyes!).


Animals that dwell above & below the forest floor

Learn about the lesser known, but no less spectacular creatures that call the rainforest their home. Orchid Mantids and scorpions that glow, a giant bird-eater Goliath tarantula, as well as other strange, fascinating and unusual creatures.

Learn how YOU can protect our rainforests

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