A Butterfly’s Journey Begins…

Discover the amazing life of the butterfly, from caterpillar to chrysalis — then to the moment it spreads its wings for the first time and takes flight into the world. And discover more amazing creatures in our new Rainforest Reptile exhibit.

America’s Largest Butterfly Conservatory

Step inside the largest indoor rainforest conservatory in the United States. More than 3,000 butterflies from around the world flutter among the lush tropical plants and flowers, landing for just long enough to capture the perfect photograph. The flowers, trees and plants within the atrium have been chosen precisely for the butterfly species within. Butterfly Wonderland truly is one of the most amazing butterfly conservatories not only in the country, but also in the world.

Butterfly Emergence Gallery

Feast your eyes on the largest emergence gallery in the country. You’ll be inches away from live chrysalis as they emerge naturally into beautiful butterflies and fly freely in the Conservatory.

3D Theater

The butterflies will be jumping off the screen in our 3D theater! Come learn all about the life of a butterfly and what makes them so fascinating with our featured short-film, “Flight of the Butterflies.”

The film is now also available in Spanish with closed captioning.


Introducing our newest experience where visitors can get up close and personal with the reptiles and amphibians that coexist with butterflies in the rainforest.
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Honey Bee Extravaganza

See the honey bees in action within the Conservatory as they create their honey right before your eyes. These bees keep the flowers around Butterfly Wonderland pollinated. Don’t forget to spot the Queen Bee!

Spineless Giants

View the largest species of spider and scorpion — as well as the largest species of moths and butterflies — left on earth, and learn about their even larger ancestors.

Tropical Waters of the World

Discover underwater treasures from the Amazon in our large, freshwater aquariums that house African Cichlids, Amazon Pacu fish and other colorful exotic fish.

Butterfly Treasures Gift Shop

Commemorate your visit to Butterfly Wonderland with a special keepsake from our wide selection of books, souvenirs, apparel, jewelry and that one-of-a-kind gift for nature lovers. No entry into Butterfly Wonderland is required to purchase. Open to the public.


After your journey through the rainforest, take a relaxing break in our Butterfly Wonderland Café and enjoy a sweet or savory snack and beverage.

To ensure the health and safety of our exhibit, we do not permit outside food to be consumed in the building.