Find Tranquility at Butterfly Wonderland

We love visiting with our guests at Butterfly Wonderland and hearing about their favorite parts of the experience. Most often, of course, it’s the tranquility of the Conservatory — with our 3,000 friendly butterflies flying freely — that make the most impact on our visitors. We are proud to display such a vast array of rainforest inhabitants and truly intend for every visit to Butterfly Wonderland to bring each of our guests — of all ages — just that much closer to nature. We feel the Conservatory is a place of serenity and peace. There are many benches that invite guests to simply take a seat and take in the experience of being surrounded by a real rainforest. We encourage guests to linger as long as their like, take photos of their favorite species, and come back again and again to enjoy our tranquil rainforest. When guests tell us that their visits to Butterfly Wonderland are some of their most memorable, we are honored! We hope that you find the time in your busy lives to slow down and enjoy nature within our Conservatory.