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Explore the rainforest in the largest butterfly conservatory in the country right here in Arizona!

Butterfly Wonderland transports guests of all ages to the rainforest by immersing them in the world of butterflies and other rainforest animals.  Learn about Monarch migration in a captivating 3D movie, observe live chrysalis as they emerge naturally into beautiful butterflies, spend ample time strolling through the conservatory with the butterflies, get up close to unique reptiles that inhabit rainforests across the world, and even indulge in edible insects!

Daily Schedule

Every Day

NEW – Koi Feedings – 9:30am
Koi fish feeding in the Conservatory. Learn about our Koi fish and how unique they are. Find out who “Hoover” is and his important role. FREE WITH ADMISSION.

Every Friday

Reptile Encounter Talk
1:00pm (held in Theater)
Assistant Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians Charlie DePuy will introduce you to reptiles and amphibians that share the rainforest with the tropical butterflies. Watch Bennie the Ball Python climb his specialized rock wall or see how Puff the Chinese Water Dragon can purr like a kitten when you rub his tummy. Q& A session FREE WITH ADMISSION.

Every Saturday

Fish Chatter
3:00pm in Tropical Waters Exhibit
Learn from our Assistant Curator of Fish, Byron Pierce, about the ecosystem of the Amazon River Aquatic Life and watch a feeding take place. Learn about the South American Amazon River pacus or silver dollar fish that are related to the piranhas. Special Q & A session. FREE WITH ADMISSION.

3rd Sunday of Each Month

Bee Talks at 12Noon in the Conservatory
Learn about bees, maintaining hives and lots more from local beekeeper Cricket Alderidge, Founder of AZ Backyard Beekeepers. Visit her at the Honey Bee Exhibit in Conservatory. Special Q & A. FREE WITH ADMISSION.

Every Sunday

Reptiles Up Close!- 2:00pm
Enjoy an educational talk Butterfly Wonderland General Curator Lindsey Meder. Learn about the many reptiles and amphibians that share the rainforest with our tropical butterflies. Focus will be on our dwarf caimans alligators or Asian Vine snake. Interactive experience with Q&A. FREE WITH ADMISSION.


You may exit and re-enter the Butterly Wonderland throughout the day to enjoy the restaurants, shops, and attraction venues at Arizona Boardwalk.

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