Employment Opportunities

 Service Learning: Unpaid Junior Docent/Part-Time Work Experience

For junior and senior high school students, during the summer and school breaks. Ages 13-17.

The goal of Butterfly Wonderland’s Service Learning Programs is to involve junior and senior high school students in an organized program that develops their academic skills, sense of civic responsibility and commitment to the community.

Service Learning Program Description: Students will be assigned to a specific area of Butterfly Wonderland, and then rotated to another area of interest if time permits. Students will gain knowledge about the Rainforest, Lifecycle of Butterflies, Tropical Butterflies, Bees, Desert Critters and the Fish of the Amazon. Students will explore different posts within Butterfly Wonderland including Curatorial, Customer Service, Maintenance/Operations, Gift Shop and Management. The internships are designed to give students real-life experience and an opportunity to see if they would like to pursue a career in that specific area. Students will be asked to provide an Exit Evaluation upon their completion of service hours.

Butterfly Wonderland Internship Program

For community college or 4-year university students

Internship Program Description: Interns will be expected to complete and present an independent project at the end of their term at Butterfly Wonderland. Students interested in an internship are encouraged to check the academic internship requirements at their educational institution before applying.